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Sex Education
Seriously. It Works.

Most adults say that, as teenagers, they did not get the birds and bees information that would help them develop healthy, fulfilling adult sexual relationships.

Luckily it's never too late to learn new skills & fill in some gaps with some real, down-to-earth adult sex ed.

The bigger issue for most people is, “Where do I learn the sex stuff I need to know now?”

Good news: Right here

Knowledge This Way

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Indepth. Eye Opening. Info Rich Programs and Classes

Designed To Deepen [&] Expand Your Sexual Knowledge

.The Ultimate Handy Guide

Never ackwardly fumble through another Hand Job! Learn the art of Mindblowing Hand Sex in this virutal workshop with A'magine.

.The Art of Erotic Spanking

Has Spanking ever peaked your interest? Then this this class if for you. Learn how to spank in a way that is safe, erotic & sexy AF.

.21 Days to Pleasure

Deepen your relationship to pleasure & intimacy over 21 days. Each day enjoy new tantalizing tips and proven methods for adding more pleasure into your life–for good.

.Fire Woman

Fire Woman is the Ultimate Sexual Empowerment Program. Over 9 months YOU will birth the “Sexual You” you have waited for and see your entire life transform.

.Sexual Power Play

How to create electric sexual chemistry, explore hot power dynamics, learn all about topping and bottoming, AND kick patriarchy out of the bedroom.

.Claim Your Orgasm

Learn how to break through orgasmic blocks & experience the deepest, most intense orgasms and pleasure of YOUR life with a whole new set of skills.

The Honey Hive
A Master Class with A'magine to

Build Your Sexual Confidence

sex tips/ tips for a good hand jobs
The Ultimate

Handy Guide

adult spanking
The Erotic Art

Of Spanking

how to make sex better
The Ins & Outs of

Dirty Talk

How to have multiple orgasms
Increase your Pleasure

Claim Your Orgasm

better sex life

Grab A Honeycomb Bundle!

Mix and Match Classes To Fit Your Desires and Needs.

Each person has their own sexual needs, interests, kinks & desires! So here at Amagine Nation we have put together a Hive of Classes. Pick one, all, or any number in-between and tailor your experiance to YOU.

Mix, Match & build your own Pleasure Trove!

We've got everything from our Birds and Bees intro classes, like The Ultimate Handy Guide, Solo & Couples Play goodies like Claim Your Orgasm to our Kink inspired Erotic Carnival series with the steamy Spanking 101 and Sexual Power Play.

Welcome to the Honey Hive. Dip your toes in. . .


I'm A'magine*

Author. Educator. Speaker. Filmmaker. M.A. (She/They)

I’ve been a Sexuality Educator, Writer [&] Coach for over 25 years.

I’ve helped thousands of people improve their lives, boost their confidence, learn the art of asking for what they want, step into their power, learn to radically love their bodies, show up as emotionally powerful in their relationships, rock-star their mid-life with the best sex ever, and put in perspective and practice the very real and important role sexuality was meant to play in their lives.

I believe sexuality is spirituality in physical form and it is one of our major pathways to self-transformation. Yes, it’s that important.

*Formerly known as Amy Jo Goddard.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey of a lifetime.

A'magine directed & produced the new Groundbreaking Documentary

At Your Cervix

At Your Cervix follows sexuality educator, activist and filmmaker A’magine on her journey to expose the unethical and often traumatic ways medical and nursing students are taught to perform pelvic exams.

The Work

A'magine & the A'magine Nation Team are dedicated to helping people develop their sexuality, relationships and intimate life, which impacts our whole lives. Check out the many ways to develop your sexuality, relationships and intimate life.

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The Mission

To give people the tools to nurture, awaken and explore their sexuality, body and desires. Helping to create a more loving & expansive world, one orgasm at a time.


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