21 Days to

Daily audio class to Increase Pleasure in YOUR Daily Life
with A'magine

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Leave The Mundane Behide

Pleasure Is Life

It is absolutely key to our well-being and happiness that we learn to incorporate pleasure into our daily lives.

Deepen your understanding & integration of pleasure, orgasms and ecstasy.

These teachings & homeplay assignments are designed to get to the core of the things that are blocking your pleasure, and open them up.

Where We're At

We have been in a collective state of pleasure, touch and intimacy starvation. And life is not meant for that.

Where We Are Going

We address sexual pleasure, intimacy and self-intimacy--all pathways to pleasure from the daily to the deeply spiritual/sexual.

How We Get There

Your daily pleasure practice, over 21 days, will integrate pleasure into your everyday life in a new and illuminating way.

We know that pleasure and joy benefits our: health, moods, attitudes, mental and emotional well-being, stress levels, creativity, relationships and communication, as well as our focus and productivity. Basically everything. It makes us a better parent. It boosts our energy. It enlivens our creativity. Pleasure is essential!

Each day you will receive right in your inbox...

.An engaging, inspirational, daily audio teaching, bringing you a daily dose of pleasure and intimacy that you will feel in your body and spirit

.A Daily homeplay assignment: A pleasurable, playful, and/or intimate thing you get to do to immerse yourself in pleasure, joy and intimacy in your day to day. It's going to be fun!

.Liberate your love life from the Mundane.

Sexualy Bold Women

.A daily song and art that will bring you joy when you listen to, take in and appreciate. Music and art are deeply important to enriching our daily lives.

.A pleasure Trove with all of your assignments, music and art in one place so you can revisit again and again

.21 Days of recreating your relationship to pleasure. You will walk away with a new perspective about pleasure and the role it plays in your one beautiful life.

The Ultimate

Join Me.

For a powerful daily reminder of what incorporating pleasure into your day to day life can do!

Step into pleasure
in a big way this year and beyond.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be pleasurable, otherwise, what are we doing here?
There is nothing else to wait for.

The time to live fully is NOW.

Be Bold. Know Things

You get instant private access to this juicy class immediately after purchase.

Let the pleasure begin!

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