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If there is one thing that is clear in our current state of affairs, it’s the undeniable link between sex and power.

Sex always involves power exchange

& yet when the power dynamics of sex are not acknowledged, we can end up feeling inauthentic and powerless

We all live under patriarchy and it harms not just women, but all of us in ways we often fail to see.

Learn How to Create Juicy Sexual Chemistry

Power Play in the bedroom is sexy AF. So How do we play with power, explore power, give up power in a way that feels honorable?

Kick Patriarchy Out of the Bedroom

Our entire understanding of sexuality has been researched/ determined/ modeled by men and applied to women. Turn the tables...

Explore Sexy Power Dynamics

Build sexual power explicitly instead of in an underhanded way. Create agreements for how to play with your sexual power with partners that is hot for both of you.

Women are trained to follow the sexuality of men; and sexual ideas are still promoted that center men and men’s experiences and extrapolate it to all of us. There are deeply oppressive sexual dynamics that still reverberate in the way we approach sex, and in our experiences of our bodies, our pleasure and our intimacy with others, and this affects people of all genders.

In this virtual, instant-access class, you'll learn

.Explore how to play with power, and power exchange within sex in a way that feels honorable

.Recognize when unhealthy patterns of dominance/submission show up in your sexual life non-consensually

.dentify how women are trained to follow the sexuality of men to the detriment of them and of their partners (no matter what gender)

Sexualy Bold Women

.Identify at least 5 examples of how cultural ideas and systems of oppression hold you back in interpersonal and intimate relationships

.Develop sexual processes that open you up to feel safe, pleasurable and powerful in your body and sexuality

.Identify 15 ways you give away your power sexually and learn how to do it on purpose because you want to

The Ultimate

Join Me.

As we take a frank look at how the power dynamics created for us by a long history of patriarchy hold us back and how to take control and shift our experience to one that is more fulfilling, pleasurable and powerful.

Be Bold. Know Things

You get instant private access to this juicy class immediately after purchase.

Let the new adult sex-skill-learning begin!

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