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VIP Honey Dip Experiences

Many people are at a place where they want next-level support for their sexual expansion, healing and/or understanding and they are willing to invest their time and money into having a unique and highly effective experience that will forever change and improve their sexual lives. 
  Individuals and couples can benefit from a highly personalized experience with expert training and guidance. A’magine and her colleagues travel to a variety of destinations where enhanced personal experiences can happen over the course of one to several days.


Couples VIP Honey Dip Experiences

We get clear about what both of you want and focus on pampering and educating you for the day so that you can move your relationship forward in an exponential way. This is the juiciest, highest level package we offer.

VIP Honey Dip

For newer couples who want to enhance and establish their sexual relationship. 


VIP Honey Dip

For couples of 5-15 years or more, who have lost the spark and want it back.


Spice It Up
VIP Honey Dip

For the adventurous couple who want to try new things and explore new sexual territory.


Yearly Tune-up
Honey Dip Week-end

For couples who want on-going sexual growth and to maintain the highest quality sexual life. 

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Expand Your Love Knowledge Solo or Together

Couples & Individuals might choose to do a VIP Experience for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They feel stuck sexually, in their relationship to their body or pleasure, or in finding the relationship they really want.
  • They want to ritualize something special like connecting to a new part of themself, marry themself, deepen their sexual-spiritual connection, a healing process or some other aspect of their sexuality/gender expression.
  • They have run up against some challenges they cannot get past sexually, or they are not on the same page and need support in improving their sex life.
  • They want to dive into totally new territory and want to learn how to do it safely and expertly, like kink, power exchange (dominance/submission/top/bottom), group sex, sexual ritual, polyamory/open relating, or other new exciting things.

How VIP Honey Dip Packages work:

Private Honey Dip

Couples and individuals can choose to do a private VIP day or even a 2-day experience, depending what they want to have happen. This is beneficial for extremely private people or people who want all the focus to be on them for this time and need some extra attention. We get clear on your goals and focus on you for the day so that you can move your relationship forward in an exponential way. This is the highest level package we offer. I always bring a second guide/teacher so that we have some flexibility in skills and the ability to demonstrate things as needed.

Group Honey Dip

You may also choose to do a group VIP day experience. We offer small group experiences for 2-4 couples. The benefit of doing a group VIP day for couples is that you get an opportunity to see other couple’s dynamics and learn from one another. Sometimes we can’t see in ourselves what we can clearly see in others. It also adds some fun to share the time with other people who have similar goals or leanings. You get terrific content and individualized attention as part of your day and you will often make friends with fellow VIP Day participants for life.