At Your Cervix

A Ground Breaking

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At Your Cervix

In these times, when Women's health access is a risk, At Your Cervix breaks the silence around the unethical methods used by medical and nursing schools to teach students how to perform pelvic exams; especially on unconsenting, anaesthetized women.

At Your Cervix, enters U.S. medical and nursing schools to break the silence around the unethical ways in which medical and nursing students learn to perform pelvic exams.

90% of medical and nursing students are doing pelvic exams on women under anesthesia without consent.

A Ground-breaking Documentary

Uncomfortable; Humiliating; Traumatic–words patients too often use to describe pelvic exams. At Your Cervix™ is a documentary film that begs the question: Why do so many people have horrible experiences with pelvic exams?

Filmmaker A'magine' and Julie Carlson are women’s health activists who met in 2001 while training to teach medical students how to perform comfortable and empowering breast and pelvic exams as Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTAs).

Gynecological Teaching Associates use their own bodies to teach. As simultaneous “patient” and instructor, GTAs are able to guide students through the exam and give immediate feedback about their technique, a vantage point no mechanical model, anesthetized patient or fellow student can give, and that a professor who is simply “teaching” alongside the exam table cannot provide either.

The Ground-Breaking Documentary

At Your Cervix

At Your Cervix follows sexuality educator, activist and filmmaker A’magine on her journey to expose the unethical and often traumatic ways medical and nursing students are taught to perform pelvic exams.

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We are training a cadre of facilitators to teach “Find Your Cervix” Workshops, where you’ll guide participants to find their own cervixes in an empowering and experiential way.

As part of our social impact plan as we release At Your Cervix, bringing important issues about student consent, patient consent and autonomy to the public, we will provide ongoing educational opportunities and workshops for both medical providers and for patients.