Ultimate Confidence
& The 5 Types

Virtual Audio class
with A'magine

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Build Your Wellspring

What Confidence Type are you?

Confidence is not a one-size-fits-all thang. It's not you have it or you don't. If we think of confidence from this place of understanding, we see it has shades or types.

Find out your Confidence Type and dive into this six-module audio-course on how to build up & fully express your own confidence. 

This class is an in-depth look at the 5 Confidence Types & how they show up around sex, money, business and all you want to create in your life! Learn your confidence strengths and how to boost your confidence in all areas of your life.

In this virtual, Audio, class, you'll learn about the 5 Types....

.Power Player

.Warm Connector


Sexualy Bold Women

.Sassy Skeptic


.and how to work with each one


Dive In.

To an expansive view of the 5 Confidence Types,
how to maximize your personal Confidence Style,
& how to work best with others in sex, friendship and business.

Be Bold. Know Things

You get instant private access to this juicy class immediately after purchase.

Let the new adult sex-skill-learning begin!

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