The Erotic Art Of
Spanking & Impact Play

Virtual class & Live Demos
with A'magine and her two demo bottoms Norma & Charlie

NextGen Framework

Has Spanking ever peaked your interest?

Many people are curious about how to spank a lover.

This is a unique class

taught with hands-on tutorials and feedback so you can see exactly how you might approach Spanking and Impact play with your lover or play partner.

How to Introduce Impact Play

In this class, we’ll talk about why this kind of play is so sexy and erotic for many people, and how to go about introducing it with play/sexual partners.

How To Be Safe & Sexy

Learn how to spank and play with bodily impact in a way that is safe, erotic and pleasurable for all involved.

Learn To

Explore New Skills, be Confident

Learn how and where on the body is safe to hit, slap, spank, smack or punch.

It can be exciting, but sometimes a little scary when you want to try new risky things but you don’t know how to do them. This class is the antidote to that, so you build confidence and skill so you can have a sexy good time.

In this virtual, instant-access class, you'll learn..

.Negotiate impact play

.Communicate effectively during play so it stays hot for everyone

.Watch Live Demos With Two Demo Models

Sexualy Bold Women

.Give an erotic spanking

.Learn to use a variety of impact toys safely for maximum pleasure

.Open up the conversation for this type of kinky exploration and play


Join Me.

I’ll teach by showing you how it’s done.

I’ll demonstrate how to communicate about it and negotiate what a partner likes,
& how to literally hit the mark.

Be Bold. Know Things

You get instant private access to this juicy class immediately after purchase.

Let the new adult sex-skill-learning begin!

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