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Hands down, learning how to touch our partner’s tenderest, most sensitive parts is an essential sexual skill.

Being skilled with your hands is essential for any good lover.

No more complaints

Some of the biggest sexual complaints from women are that their partners don’t know how to touch them or don’t have the stamina needed.

No more fumbling

Men often complain that their partners don’t know how to work with their cocks but they don’t want to stop the action from happening so they stay quiet.

No more searching

Queer folks tend to know how critical hand sex is–and seek out resources–yet can always learn new tricks.

how to give a hand job

Like most people, when I was growing up, “sex” was talked about as a penis in a vagina. Hand sex was never discussed, or if it was, it was a way to get somewhere else (like to a penis in a vagina!)

Honestly, having sex with women helped me start to see it as a main event and not a side-show. I started to have orgasms with partners, which was something I’d never been able to do. I learned to use my hands really effectively to get my lovers off (with both penises and vulvas) and it definitely built my sexual confidence! Although I like toys, I realized I didn’t need anything but my really adept hands, mouth and presence to be a great lover.

I remember one time a male lover had me standing on the bed, up against the wall, while he digitally f@*ked me from below. I came all over the place and it was one of the hottest orgasms I’d ever had.

And of course, when it comes to butts, a lot of times there might only be room for a finger. So learning how to do a butt with hand finesse is essential. I’m such a fan of hand sex, I started teaching it years ago and it remains one of my favorite topics!!

No matter your age, gender or sexual orientation,
masterfully making love to another with your hands can be a huge turn-on and self-esteem boost.

In this virtual, instant-access class, you'll learn

.Techniques for pleasuring vulvas, penises and buttholes

This class is about all of our erogenous zones, no matter our sexy parts. Whatever you got, or whatever your partner’s got, we got you covered.

.About the G-spot, the P-spot and other delights

What are the mysterious inner parts that bring extra pleasure and sensation when we know how to work ‘em? We are going inside to tell you all about it.

.Answers to common questions about all things hand sex!

I’ve been teaching this class for a long time and I know the kinds of questions that come up. I’ll be answering them all, including some that were asked at the time of recording.

.How to get the most useful data on what works for your partners

Knowing how to ask and get erotic information about your lover’s likes, dislikes, kinks, and curiosities is important for keeping your sexy flame lit. I’ll break it down so it becomes so easy, it’s second-nature.

.Best practices for both stimulation and penetration

Learn how to work both the inside and outside for maximum pleasure on all body types. Hand sex is not just one thing–it’s MANY things. We will talk about all the things.

.Tricks for hand sex ergonomics, stamina and combination techniques

Let’s be real, in order to have great sex, we have to be able to go the distance. That means taking care of our own bodies so we don’t fatigue before our lover is satisfied. These nuts and bolts are critical for great on-going hand sex.

Learn the skills to Master Hand Sex the Fun way.

hand job tips

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