21 Days to Pleasure

Class starts Jan. 1st 2023.
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increase pleasure in your life

Leave The Mundane Behide

Pleasure Is Life

It is absolutely key to our well-being and happiness that we learn to incorporate pleasure into our lives every day.

This is a muscle you may not be used to exercising. That’s okay, no time like right now to build it & deepen your understanding of pleasure, orgasms and ecstasy.

Beginning Jan. 1st, 2023, Join A'magine Both Live and with Downloadable segments you can listen to at your leisure.

These teachings, plus some fun & playfilled homeplay assignments are designed to get to the core of the things that are blocking your pleasure, and open them up.

Where We're At

We have been in a collective state of pleasure, touch and intimacy starvation. And life is not meant for that.

Where We Are Going

We address sexual pleasure, intimacy and self-intimacy--all pathways to pleasure from the daily to the deeply spiritual/sexual.

How We Get There

Your daily pleasure practice, over 21 days, will integrate pleasure into your everyday life in a new and illuminating way.

Hello, I'm A'magine.

I grew up with a military dad that always had us on a time-schedule and expected hard work and good grades. No excuses. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of pleasure in his life, as he raised three kids as a single parent. 

I didn’t have pleasure modeled for me. My mom left when I was young and as a recovering Catholic, she didn’t model it either. I had to grow up fast and take on a lot of responsibility (relate to that, anyone?) 

So I worked hard, focused, and was always on-the-go to the next thing. Even in college, I didn’t sit around at the cafe with friends reading the paper and shooting the shit. I had stuff to DO!  Reclaiming pleasure and play as an adult was a huge rite-of-passage for me. It took some focus and practice to reclaim the silliness and joy that had be trained out of me. My dad didn’t mean to do that, and I don’t think most parents do, but that’s what happened. 

Enjoying pleasure and creating a pleasure-filled life is a daily act of courage. I still have to remind myself and engage in pleasure practices that center the joy I want to experience every day–and it’s not a small thing. It’s hugely important to my quality of life. That’s why I decided to create a 21-Day journey with many of the practices that have kept me fulfilled and joyful–because pleasure is a practice, and many of us need to relearn how to give it to ourselves. 

I wanted to create this pleasure activation for myself as much as for you. I know what it’s like to get caught up in the hussle of life, overscheduled, busy beyond what is humanly healthy, and so work-focused that all the joy gets sucked out of everything including the work that I love! It’s happened to me too. So this activation is to uplift both you and me, and assist us all to create the life and world we want starting with how we approach each and every precious day.

We know that pleasure and joy benefits our: health, moods, attitudes, mental and emotional well-being, stress levels, creativity, relationships and communication, as well as our focus and productivity. Basically everything. It makes us a better parent. It boosts our energy. It enlivens our creativity. Pleasure is essential!

Each day for 21 Days, you will receive right in your inbox:

. An engaging, inspirational audio teaching from me.

transmitting your daily dose of pleasure and intimacy with a full activation that you will feel in your body and spirit.

.A pleasurable, playful, and/or intimate thing you get to do to activate pleasure, joy and intimacy in your day

I promise it will be fun and bring you joy. You’ll look forward to your homeplay!

.Liberate your gorgeous life from the Mundane

You’ll have a completely reoriented life filled with more joy and focus on the things that make you feel GOOD

. A daily song and some art that will bring you joy

that I’ll invite you to take time to listen to, take in and appreciate. Music and art are deeply important to enriching our lives and are their own transmission.

Develop a practice around pleasure that you will take into your daily life.

Your daily life will be forever changed because you will rewire your brain towards pleasure during this this 21 days

.21 Days of recreating your relationship to pleasure.

Priceless. You will walk away with a new perspective about pleasure and the role it gets to play in your one beautiful life.

What I had to realize along my own journey is that:

  • My life doesn’t change on its own and make itself more fun and playful—it requires my intervention if I want it to be different
  • Being a “doer” does not bring me the joy I wish for, it’s when I get to fully BE in my whole self that my joy flourishes, and that means taking time for my being and simple pleasures, which makes the doing way more fun, and
  • It’s a zero-sum game if at the end of it you have all the money and the toys but no time to play with them.

This is more than a course. This is an activation. This is play. This is art and music. This is a joy-filled transmission.

I invite you to join me for a powerful daily activation for 21 days and see what can open up for you, what habits you can shift, what joys you’ll create, and how you can step into pleasure in a big way this year and beyond .

Here's a sneak peek:

You'll learn how to get back into your body, learn how to reconnect with your partner, get your eco-sexual on, and learn how to identify and shift your pleasure blocks. You’ll learn how to touch your own heart, connect to your very life force and creativity, and find inspiration in your world, no matter how limited. You’ll make each day more joyful during the pleasure and intimacy activation, so that it becomes a new habit when we are complete. .

The Ultimate

Join Me.

Class begins Jan. 1st 2023.

Join A'magine Both Live and with Downloadable segments you can listen to at your leisure.

As a Bonus, A'magine will be hosting lives on social media throughout the 21 days in order to offer encouragement and support.

Step into pleasure in a big way this year and beyond.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be pleasurable, otherwise, what are we doing here? There is nothing else to wait for.

Guaranteed to Increase Pleasure in YOUR Daily Life!

The time to live fully is NOW.

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