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Structured courses that lay out adult sexuality education in a powerful way that will allow you to develop over time and with the support of assignments and practices, and sometimes community.

Pleasure Activation

Fire Woman Program

Ultimate Sexual Empowerment Program

If you are like a lot of women, you have felt something was missing, something deep and potent that lives in your sexual self. It can feel hard to access or put your finger on, but you know that if you could touch that part of you and know it in a deeper way, it would create more fulfillment, wholeness and freedom in your entire life.

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass

Bringing Sexy Back


Most people never get quality education about how to have good sex and relationships, and yet these two things determine so much about our happiness and well-being. However, they are rarely taught or modeled effectively! The good news is that they are skill sets you can learn and practice–and significantly improve your life, sexual satisfaction and your happiness in relationships.

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass

Claim Your Orgasm

Home study video master course to learn orgasm skills and improve pleasure

CLAIM YOUR ORGASM is a five-module video mastercourse, 21 videos that will take you on a deep dive into Pleasure, Orgasm, Desire, Arousal & Sexual Communication

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass


in Relationships, Money & Business

This 6-module audio course is designed for people who want to be more confident in relationships and dating and who want that confidence to radiate outwards into other areas of their lives: creative, social and professional.

“A’magine’s enthusiasm and warmth are infectious. I hosted two workshops with A’magine, and both were great successes because of the eclectic crowd that she drew and the conversations that emerged. She can convince anyone to speak openly about challenging issues, and do so in a way that makes them forget that subjects like sex or body image are often uncomfortable. Given her ability to put people at ease, the honesty and depth that emerges in her workshops is extraordinary. She tackled hard issues with grace and humor, and I knew after our first workshop that we had to invite her for a second round.”