The Erotic Art Of
Spanking & Impact Play

Virtual class & Live Demos with A'magine and her two demo bottoms Norma & Charlie

sexy spanking tips

Has Spanking ever peaked your interest? Well, you are not alone!

Many people are curious about how to spank a lover.

In this unique & fun class you'll find all the sexy spanking tips you'll ever need.

The Erotic Art of Spanking is taught with hands-on tutorials and feedback so you can see exactly how you might approach Spanking and Impact play with your lover or play partner.

How to Introduce Impact Play

In this class, we’ll talk about why this kind of play is so sexy and erotic for many people, and how to go about introducing it with play/sexual partners.

How To Be Safe & Sexy

Learn how to spank and play with bodily impact in a way that is safe, erotic and pleasurable for all involved.

Learn To Explore New Skills, Be Confident

Learn how and where on the body is safe to hit, slap, spank, smack or punch for a mutually satisfying erotic thrill.

Hello, I'm A'magine.

I remember the first time someone spanked me in an erotic way. I was a little shocked and surprised, but I also really liked it. It gave me a rush of excitement I hadn’t experienced before.

I was living in Texas and had won a poetry slam contest and was invited to go to Austin to do my spoken word at Lollapalooza. I met this sexy, sweet cowboy actor who drove an El Dorado. We traveled together from Dallas to Austin for the big event and shared a hotel room.

After the show we went back and had some yummy, fun, vigorous sex. In the middle of intercourse, he slapped my butt a few times and my eyes must have gotten wide. What was that? No one has ever done that before. Should I like it? Is this weird? Then I smiled and embraced the new sexy knowledge I had just been introduced too.

Sometimes it happens like that. The right thing shows up at the right time, and opens up a whole world to you. The only thing missing was easy access to learn more! This is why I have created my delicious adult sex ed classes!

It can be exciting, but sometimes a little scary when you want to try new risky things but you don’t know how to do them. This class is the antidote to that, so you build confidence and skill so you can have a sexy good time.

What exactly will we learn in this virtual, instant-access class?

.Negotiate impact play

How exactly do you negotiate something like this? We will learn the process live through actual demonstration of two play negotiations.

.Communicate effectively during play so it stays hot for everyone

Tips and demonstrations on how to check in with your partner as you play, and keep it hot and sexy. Honest feedback is key to successful impact play!

.Watch Live Demos With Two Demo Models

I will demonstrate with real live play partners so you can see what this kind of play looks like and hear what their experiences are like.

.Give an erotic spanking

Learn how to lay a lover over your lap, or put them up against a wall for a GOOD spanking so it feels less intimidating and more accessible for some good naughty fun.

.Learn to use a variety of impact toys safely

I’ll open up my toybox and show you some of my favorite impact toys. They are all a little different and a lot of fun.

.Open up the conversation for kinky exploration and play

Sometimes people don’t know how to break the ice with a partner. We will talk about how to bring it up and warm up your partner to trying to new things

Learn the Art of Erotic Spanking the fun way.

adult spanking tips

Hands On.Because we love what we do.

sexy spanking tips

Technique.To Refine your skills.

erotic spanking

We make learning Sexy & fun.Knowledge this way.


Join Me.

I’ll teach by showing you how it’s done.

I’ll demonstrate how to communicate about it and negotiate what a partner likes,
& how to literally hit the mark.

Be Bold. Know Things

You get instant private access to this juicy class immediately after purchase.

Let the new adult sex-skill-learning begin!

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