The Mission.

We are on a sex-positive, consent-forward, mission to give people the practices and tools to nurture, explore and expand their sexuality and sexual energy.

We support women, couples, and queer folks to awaken sexual desires, and open up the possibilities in their bodies, pleasure, and intimate relationships.

We are here to help create a more loving & expansive world, one orgasm at a time.

The Journey

How It All Happened.

As a teenager, I went to three different high schools and was given absolutely zero sexuality education, no guidance, nada. That meant I had to fumble around in the dark trying to figure things out while being raised by a closed-lipped military dad. I experienced early sexual initiation, sexual assault, incest, pregnancy scares, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, inability to orgasm, and a whole lot of confusion about my body. It also meant I had a real lack of education about my own sexual identity, desire and pleasure.

When I went off to UC Santa Barbara, I signed myself right up for Soc 152, the Human Sexuality class taught in a packed Campbell Hall every quarter, and my life immediately changed! Information! Wow! It makes a huge difference, turns out. That planted the seed for my life’s career.

When I realized that as a young feminist activist, I wanted to do work that would empower women and girls, and that the doorway to my own real empowerment was my sexuality, I knew that was how I wanted to support other people. That took me to New York University, which had one of only 3 sexuality graduate programs in the country, and my career began.

After 25+ years of teaching sexuality to people of all genders, from elementary school kids to teenagers, to people in recovery, to adult clinicians, medical students, and everyday adults like you and me, I know a whole lot about the struggles people have. I know the questions they ask, and the things they want to learn. I have created a large body of work to address those questions and needs.

Sexual evolution is everything.

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