21 Days To Pleasure & Intimacy Activation


Instant access, all genders welcome

So many of us are taught to disconnect from ourselves and what we really want.

We do this in order to serve others, take care of our obligations, and get shit done.

If we aren’t getting shit done, we feel unproductive, unworthy or that we are not making a contribution.

And many of us feel guilty about experiencing pleasure and taking energy and time away from other “more important” things. Yet, if we finally choose to do a pleasurable thing, and we feel guilty or bad about it the whole time, we undermine the pleasure we might have derived from it.

Many of us just don’t know how to make room for pleasure in our lives because we never really made feeling pleasure a priority.

It’s so easy to push the good feelings, good things and joyful experiences to the side so we can be productive, with the promise that we’ll get to our fun on the weekend or some other time.

But that doesn’t work.

It makes us bitter and unhappy. And that’s not how our lives are meant to be lived.

As we have had our lives turned upside down these last few years and we have had so much of our pleasure, intimacy and joy taken away from us, it has had a massive impact. We’ve felt disconnected, stressed, hopeless, lonely.

We haven’t been able to rely on the things that usually bring us back to ourselves, back to our joy.

This time has only exacerbated our pleasure deprivation. Because of how our daily lives have changed, many of us feel like life’s pleasures have been stolen from us.

Want a demo?

Listen to Day 1 here:

Join me to explore the terrain of pleasure for 21 Days and change your Pleasure Frequency

As we work towards getting our lives and priorities back to where we wish them to be, regardless of the state of world affairs and the pandemic, we get to prioritize our pleasure. It is up to us to make sure we are experiencing pleasure every single day, and that our social distancing, working from home, and dearth of physicality with others isn’t making us feel like we lack pleasure and intimacy in our lives.

We have been in a collective state of pleasure, touch and intimacy starvation. And life is not meant for that. We know that pleasure and joy benefits our:

  • health
  • moods and attitudes
  • mental and emotional well-being
  • stress level
  • creativity
  • relationships and communication, and
  • focus and productivity

Basically everything. It makes us a better parent. It boosts our energy. It enlivens our creativity. Pleasure is essential!

It is absolutely key to our well-being and happiness that we learn to incorporate pleasure into our lives every day. And this is a muscle you may not be used to exercising. That’s okay, no time like right now to build it.

To make 2022 a much different year, starting this Valentine’s Day, each day you will receive right in your inbox:

  • An engaging, inspirational audio teaching from me, transmitting your daily dose of pleasure and intimacy with a full activation that you will feel in your body and spirit.
  • A pleasurable, playful, and/or intimate thing you get to do to activate pleasure, joy and intimacy in your day—I promise it will be fun and bring you joy. You’ll look forward to your homeplay!
  • A daily song and maybe some art that will bring you joy that I’ll invite you to take time to listen to, take in and appreciate. Music and art are deeply important to enriching our lives and are their own transmission.
  • 21 Days of recreating your relationship to pleasure. Priceless indeed. You will walk away with a new perspective about pleasure and the role it gets to play in your one beautiful life.

Here’s a sneak peek: You’ll learn how to get back into your body, learn how to reconnect with your partner, get your eco-sexual on, and learn how to identify and shift your pleasure blocks. You’ll learn how to touch your own heart, connect to your very life force and creativity, and find inspiration in your world, no matter how limited. You’ll make each day more joyful during the pleasure and intimacy activation, so that it becomes a new habit when we are complete.

This is a daily audio course where each day I will present a new activation for how to experience pleasure and intimacy so you can accept our current world or whatever world you find yourself living in without sacrificing the joy you get to have each and every day.

You might be thinking:

“I don’t have time to spend on this.”

And that’s exactly why it’s the best thing you can do for yourself right now. Not having time for joy is an idea you get to shake.

“Why do I have to learn about pleasure? That seems silly.”

Does it? If you don’t have the pleasure you want to have in your life, then this is the way to shift into the habit of having more for yourself and in your life. Pleasure is abundant and abundance makes our life fulfilling. Not silly at all.

“It won’t make a difference, it won’t take away the stressors in my life.”

You may be underestimating the power of pleasure, joy and intimacy. You change your entire vibration and frequency when you are in a state of pleasure. That impacts everything in your life and makes the stressors less stressful. The changes that can happen when you step into your pleasure and joy are profound.

My name is A’magine and I’m really delighted to offer this activation with and for you. I’ve been writing and teaching about sexuality, pleasure, desire, relationships, orgasm and the magic of the body for over 25 years.

I wanted to create this pleasure activation for myself as much as for you. I know what it’s like to get caught up in the hustle of life, overscheduled, busy beyond what is humanly healthy, and so work-focused that all the joy gets sucked out of everything including the work that I love! It’s happened to me too. So this activation is to uplift both you and me, and assist us all to create the life and world we want starting with how we approach each and every precious day.

What I had to realize along my own journey is that, 1) My life doesn’t change on its own and make itself more fun and playful—it requires my intervention if I want it to be different, 2) Being a “doer” does not bring me the joy I wish for, it’s when I get to fully BE in my whole self that my joy flourishes, and that means taking time for my being and simple pleasures, which makes the doing way more fun, and 3) It’s a zero-sum game if at the end of it you have all the money and the toys but no time to play with them.

This is more than a course. This is an activation. This is play. This is art and music. This is a joy-filled transmission.

I am doing this as an audio so I can speak directly to your heart and soul the nourishment that I know I have needed to hear, that we all need to hear. And through these transmissions, something will shift on a deep level in you if you commit to fully let it in.

The practice of letting go, being open and letting the activation light you up and come into your whole self will change everything.

I invite you to join me for a powerful daily activation for 21 days and see what can open up for you, what habits you can shift, what joys you’ll create, and how you can step into pleasure in a big way this year and beyond. You can shift your relationship to pleasure, intimacy and joy forever by committing 21 days to it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be pleasurable, otherwise, what are we doing here? 

There is nothing else to wait for. The time to live fully is NOW. 

Instant access, all genders welcome