sex coaching

Sex Coaching

Most people need help with their sexuality and relationships at some point in their lives. There are few places to go for non-judgmental, shame-free help with one’s sexual life. As a Sexual Empowerment Coach, I assist people with the challenges and relationship issues that prevent them from fully experiencing their sexuality wholly and holistically. Many sexual issues can be resolved through a reflective process or by developing skills with professional guidance. My goals are to assist people in peeling away myths and preconceptions about sex and relationships, help them let go of unrealistic expectations, shame and unhealthy emotional and sexual patterns, create the sexual life and relationships they want, and come home to their magnificent sexual self.

What are your coaching programs like?

For my sex and relationship private coaching, I meet with clients by phone or online video sessions. For couples work, I generally work with online video so that I can see the couple and how they communicate and respond to one another.

My coaching is available very selectively. Our sexuality took our whole lives to develop. It takes time to unravel the things that are wound up, uncover the wounds that need healing, and develop the skills that will help you to have a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual life. Packages are either a 3-month or 6-month commitment. Financially, that means 4-5 figures to do private work with me.

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with people who have come to a place in their life where they are unfulfilled in some way and are ready to take action to be more powerful, more sexual and more authentic.

They tend to be:

  • creative
  • ready to be more powerful and be more of who they truly are
  • on a spiritual path and actively seeking to invest in personal growth
  • either feminist-identified or have strong views about gender equity
  • clear that growing their sexuality is essential to a more fulfilling life and a more equitable world
  • ready to heal
  • passionate
  • longing to feel powerful in their gender
  • of all sexual orientations: some are heterosexual. Some are lesbian/queer/bisexual and many are interested in exploring this part of themselves.
  • ready to do their “work” and know they have important work/healing to do on this area of their life

My focus is primarily on women, people who are queer-identified and couples. I work with men occasionally, but only men who are able to acknowledge that they have some valuable work to do on their sexuality and are willing to put in the effort and money to do it. I find that these men are rare. Mostly, I work with men in my couples work, where the couple is developing their capacity for a more intimate, authentic, sexual, caring and fulfilling relationship. I work with couples of all genders.

What issues do your clients tend to have?

My clients tend to feel sexually disempowered, disconnected and/or misunderstood. They usually don’t have enough time for themselves or their sexuality.

Some of the issues and feelings that clients have come to me about include that they:

  • don’t have partners who meet their sexual and intimate needs or even understand how to do so
  • feel depleted, unsupported, or unappreciated sexually
  • want more adventure, desire and playfulness
    want to juice up a long-term relationship in which the sex has waned
  • don’t have a relationship and can’t seem to find the lover of their dreams—and maybe they are beginning to question whether they will ever find it
  • feel confused about their sexual desires or identity
  • are interested in sexual relations with other women, but they are new to it and don’t feel confident about how to go about it
  • do not have orgasms they want
  • struggle with abundance in their life on multiple levels
  • want to love their body more deeply and honestly
  • have poor communication in their relationships
  • want to heal the parts of them that have been shamed or traumatized around sexuality
  • need to release sexual shame and guilt so they can be free
  • don’t know how to speak up for themselves to get their needs met
  • don’t know what they want sexually but they want to find out
  • don’t prioritize their sexuality
  • want to introduce new sexual experiences into a relationship (kink, BDSM, threesomes, swinging, sex parties, porn, toys, etc.)
  • want a more creative, vibrant life and know that working on developing their sexuality will open them up to having it
  • want to make more money
  • know there is “something more” and just can’t put their finger on what it is, but know it relates to their sexuality

What should I do now?

My coaching programs are devoted to assisting you on your journey to sexual freedom, healing and awakening. Depending on the issue, my sessions utilize a combination of education, verbal support, guidance, conscious breathing, energy work, visualization and other exercises.

Sexuality must be a priority in people’s lives in order for it to grow. It does not grow on its own… it is like any plant or living thing: it needs to be watered and nurtured in order to flower, bloom and expand. If you are ready to grow your sexuality, are ready to invest in it and take it seriously, I will consider working with you. However, I choose my private clients very selectively and I keep my private client roster small.

If you are interested in this work, click here to set up a 45-minute Sexuality Activation Call so I can find out more about what you are wanting in your sexual life, and we can decide together if we would be a good fit.

Alternatively, if you would like to start now, consider joining one of my on-demand virtual programs – Fire Woman Program, Bringing Sexy Back or Claim Your Orgasm.

“A’magine has opened up a world I’ve been longing to enter since pre-puberty and didn’t have the tools to articulate that I even wanted. It removed the shame and embarrassment I learned around having sexual conversations.”