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Claim The Sexual & Financial Power That Is Yours

Do you know how sex and money are connected?

For all that we yearn for around sexual pleasure and financial abundance, we live in a world that teaches deep shame and disempowerment around both. The social programming is insidious… and it keeps us in the dark around these two critical, life-affirming areas. 

It’s rare that I talk to people who had great sex education, who felt like they got all the information they needed to make good sexual decisions, or who had role models for a healthy, empowered sexual life. 

It’s also rare to meet people who got the education and guidance to make empowered financial decisions. Too often, we learn from our parents, peers or the other people in our life who were similarly confused and who had also grown up “in the dark”.

The truth is that people of all genders lack the education and empowerment needed to live vibrant sexual lives and abundant financial lives.

Sexual Energy is Creative Energy

In fact, it is your very life force.

I see sex and money as being deeply connected, and rooted in creativity. They are two major taboos in our society and shame and ignorance surrounds them both. They are two things that can cause huge transformation in our lives. Nothing will change your life faster than stepping into your sexual and financial power. 

Things are rapidly changing in our world right now. Work looks different and many people are in financial upheaval. That means the opportunity is here to create something new that will unlock the next chapter of your potent life.

What would your life be like if you had the financial and sexual abundance you wanted?

So much blocks women, in particular, when it comes to money and sex.

Many of us were taught either explicitly or implicitly that we wouldn’t really be able to take care of ourselves. We were taught that we need a good man, a good husband, a good job, and a stable life.

We’re taught to be good girls and to safeguard our innocence, just as our cultural fairytales abound with stories of knights in shining armor and dashing princes who will eagerly swoop in to rescue us.

It’s not an empowering scenario for anyone.

And men have their own challenges. They experience a ton of pressure to be the financial provider and to know what to do sexually because it’s their job to lead.

Men feel just as much insecurity, inadequacy and shame about sex and money and their abilities in both.

Ever heard of any of these messages?

  • “It’s a man’s job to take care of finances and be the provider.” (You might not have seen this overtly — but perhaps you watched women in your life continually defer to authority figures in financial decision-making and all the expectation around knowing what to do about money land on men.)
  • “Sex is dirty, shameful and frivolous, so save it for the one you love.”
  • “You have to work really hard to make money. You have to prove you deserve it.”
  • “Just accept what you get. Don’t be demanding. Don’t ask for too much.” 

Or perhaps you see struggle with some of your own thoughts:

  • “Fear of rejection stops me from asking for what I really want.”
  • “I want my partner to just know what I like—I don’t want to have to explain it.”
  • “I feel out of touch with myself, not even sure of what I really want in sex/relationships.”
  • “I hate making decisions based on not having money, but I don’t know how to change it.”
  •  “Asking for what I want/need feels scary… It’s too hard… I’ll just stay quiet.”
  • “I never learned to how to make and manage money. It’s too complicated and it overwhelms me… I just don’t know how.”

What if you fully stepped in to your sexual power & creativity?

How would your life look if you stopped thinking you need your partner, parents, or friends to take care of you?

What would it do for your life to overcome the belief you are unworthy?

This powerful weekend retreat experience will bring us together so that we can get down and dirty with all that blocks us and learn to how to do sex and money DIFFERENTLY. It’s about learning to live with more freedom, more choices, more playfulness, more pleasure, more intimacy, more vulnerability.

What does this include?

  • Videos with transformational work with A’magine
  • Heal Your Relationship with Money: workshop with Kara Stevens of The Frugal Feminista
  • Thought-provoking prep exercises that will get new insights flowing for you.
  • Meditation. Powerful exercises.
  • Exploration of the social archetypes and cultural conditioning that have embedded these patterns so deeply in most women.


Instant access


“To be honest, when I signed up, I was kind of nervous. Although I knew I wanted breakthroughs in this area, given the subject matter, I was concerned that I would be very uncomfortable.

I am so glad I attended. It was just what I needed at this point in my life. A’magine is a skilled facilitator and I loved the rich experience that it was. To recognize that I am not alone in my struggles was a deep relief. There were tears and some deep work, and there was also a lot of fun and laughs.

A’magine led the workshop in creative, interesting and unexpected ways that enabled me to look at some dark shadows in my life without collapsing into them or feeling shame around them but instead growing empowered to change and to shift patterns, habits and responses that are no longer working for me.”

Bethany Kelly
Sex-Money-Power Weekend Participant

“I walked into this weekend with an open mind and no expectations; I walked out with a full heart and much deeper awareness of my own patterns, beliefs, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and desires. The exercises and discussions Amy Jo designed were incredibly effective and provided a wonderful, unique opportunity to really meet these parts of myself in ways I’d been unable to before.”

Rebecca Church
Sex-Money-Power Weekend Participant

“I’ve been shy, introverted, a so called good girl and I’ve also suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. I knew that I needed to switch my focus and tap into my sexuality and the powerful woman I always knew was inside me. The self-exploration, the sharing and the activities really challenged me and I found myself succeeding and blossoming before my eyes and everybody else’s. Amy Jo has got a great style. She’s so loving and supportive, she’s so skillful and she’s got a great intuition at knowing when I needed to be pushed just a little harder.”

Kris Hannah
Sex-Money-Power Weekend Participant

Your Host: A’magine

My name is A’magine (formerly Amy Jo Goddard) and as a Sexual Empowerment Coach, my primary focus is helping people connect more deeply to their sexuality. I know firsthand that when we connect the dots around money and sexuality, a much more fulfilling life awaits. My own journeys with sexual empowerment and financial freedom have shifted my life in more ways than I can possibly count.

I’ve also seen the effects of the money-sex connection for many years with my clients: I often hear from women when they are in survival mode and not making the money they need to make, how they stop wanting to be intimate, they lose their desire and sometimes, they shut down. I’ve heard from men that they lose a job and start to have erection difficulties or lose interest in sex.

Not having money can make us feel small. It impacts our libido and the way we show up in our relationships.

I’ve also seen what happens when people of all genders start to open up their sexual energy and how that can make a huge difference in their finances and in their creativity. I love teaching this weekend because of the breakthroughs that take place when people do this work.

When we step into our sexual vibrancy on a new level, we make more money; when we have more financial freedom, we feel more powerful in our sexual energy and decision-making.

I know that MANY people have blind spots around sex and money–I definitely did!

I have designed an entire curriculum to help people bring their old sex and money patterns out of shadow. At Sex-Money-Power-Justice, we work to understand how that energy is running your life and relationships so you can make the decision to MOVE ON once and for all.

Speaker: Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is founder of The Frugal Feminista, a thriving personal finance and personal development company committed to helping women heal their relationship with money and themselves. She wants all women to be happy, wealthy, and brave so they can unapologetically live life on their own terms.

Her relatable financial advice has been featured on/in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, ESSENCE, Women’s Day Magazine, Bitch Magazine, The Washington Post, and other nationally recognized media outlets.

Kara will be leading her workshop, Heal Your Relationship with Money, where we’ll unpack the unexamined money messages in your subconscious that steal your personal power, chip away at your wealth, and rob you of living a life you truly desire.

At Sex-Money-Power-Justice, you will…

  • Develop a clear vision of the sexual, financial and relationship life you want
  • Examine the parts of your sexual & financial self that have been in shadow
  • Step into creating the financial abundance you want, so you stop making decisions based on not having money
  • Get clear about your sexual needs and wants and practice how to get them met from an empowered place
  • Develop practices that support your self-worth and your self-care
  • Release the emotional patterns that keep you angry, distant or resentful rather than open, abundant, and powerful
  • Find community and connection with others who are walking this same path
  • Find MORE: more playfulness, more intimacy, more vulnerability, more pleasure, more freedom!
Join me and I will personally guide you to own the sexual vibrancy, the financial abundance and the powerful life that is yours to claim.