A’magine (formerly Amy Jo Goddard) has defined sexual empowerment in a unique and holistic way that includes the whole person in her groundbreaking book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence. This book outlines her unique framework on sexual empowerment and has been met with critical acclaim, drawing comparisons to Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In.” .

Her popular keynotes,“Sexual Energy is Creative Energy: How To Harness Your Internal Fire to Spark Change in the World” and “If You Want to Empower Yourself, Take Your Sexuality With You” have inspired her audiences to expand their ideas about sexuality and how to utilize their sexual energy and power to have a more authentic, fulfilled and exalted life.

She can provide one her of her talks in a compelling keynote and she can offer practical, hands-on, engaging workshops as she takes participants through powerful experiential learning processes that will have them walking away with new tools and approaches for making their sexuality the priority they want it to be through her signature 9 elements. She says, “Sexuality is spirituality in physical form” and often speaks to audiences about the powerful connections between sexuality and spirituality and the falsehoods of trying to see them as separate. Her 9 Elements of Sexual Empowerment help women to come home to themselves, connect to their desire and to radically love their bodies as they show up as emotionally powerful in all of their relationships.

As an experienced speaker at colleges and universities, and having taught college for fifteen years, A’magine has a great rapport with college students and would be happy to offer workshops/lectures in conjunction with Healthy Sexuality Week, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride events, V-Day, Take Back the Night, AIDS/HIV Awareness or Women’s History Month programming.

A’magine has spoken at Colleges and Universities such as Princeton, Vassar, Barnard, NYU, Columbia, Brown, UCSB, University of Rochester, Gallaudet University, Lehigh College, and Washington University; Conferences including Southwest Women’s Herbal Conference, Sex Down South, Playground, Hell Yeah Star, Be the Change, Dark Odyssey, and Loving More; and Community Events from EDx Napa to Olivia Events, to the Napa Women’s Club to Michigan Women’s Music Festival, to many entrepreneur events and so many more.




One of the most common issues people have around sexuality is shame. In my TEDx talk, I dig into sexual shame, share one of my own personal stories and invite you to let it go so you can have more in your sexual life. Viewed by nearly half a million people, this talk resonates with people everywhere who think they are sexually broken and unfixable, paralyzed in shame about their own sexuality. It’s time for us all to Own Our Sexual Power.

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