The Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality

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The connection between sexuality and spirituality is simpler than we make it.

Spirituality is our connection to our spirit, to the non-physical aspects of self. We grow our spirituality to grow as an eternal being, as a life force beyond this physical plane. Our spirituality gives us a purpose for our human life.

Sexuality is our relationship to our body, to pleasure, to our sensuality, and to sex. All manifestations of living in a physical human body and experiencing our humanness to the greatest extent and the most intimate core.

Sexuality is our spirituality in physical form.

The false dichotomy of sexuality and spirituality

Overall, the problem is that so often people put the spiritual and physical at odds with one another when they are actually two sides of the same coin. It does not make a person “more spiritual” to “transcend” the sexual or physical. It makes you out of touch with your humanity.

The opposite is true: if you are powerfully connected to and embracing your physical body and your sexuality, you are living fully in your humanness and that is as spiritual as it gets.

  • Sexuality is to spirituality as matter is to non-matter.
  • Sexuality is to spirituality as sensation is to higher thought.
  • Sexuality is to spirituality as pleasure is to joy.
  • Sexuality is to spirituality as the erotic is to purpose.
  • Sexuality is to spirituality as creativity is to divinity.

Therefore, to live your life denying your sexuality is cutting off your own lifeblood. Obfuscating the very energy given for you to create a magnificent life. To deny your spirituality is to deny your existence, your purpose, and your own divinity.

The power of creation energy is your sexuality—spirituality in physical form.

Connecting sexuality and spirituality in your life

You were born from the most intense creative combustion imaginable: two small cells colliding and blending to make an entirely new human being. Magical to say the least. Yet we take it for granted that we came from a creative force that is powerful, that committed to new life, and we stop seeing it.

  • You’re not meant to transcend your sexuality, you’re meant to experience it to the depths.
  • Your sexuality is not meant to be denied, but to be acknowledged, loved and explored.
  • Your sexuality is a tool for your own evolution and erotic power is the energy you fuel it with.

What would it mean to get to know your own eroticism such that you would no longer deny it, repress it, or abuse it?

Learning to exercise an empowered sexuality is strengthening your spiritual muscles.

Sexuality is so much more than sex.

Erotic evolution is the path to our greatest freedom, vitality, and creativity.

Weren’t we put on earth to connect with others and with our environment, to create something, and to grow? Sexuality assists us in all three.

With a critical mass of sexually evolved people, we can change everything that’s wrong about this world and turn on and up everything that is right.

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