The Sensuality of Solstice

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Pleasure & Desire

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, the day when we hunker down for the winter and go inward to dream, vision, and get clarity and direction for the next phase of life.

I think there is a deeply sensual nature to this holiday. Most of us can enjoy tapping in to being in warmth, coziness and the sweetness of our homes with our families, having downtime where we are less outwardly active.

If you are not living your full potential in the world, this can be a time that brings up fear: of going into depression, of getting taken by the dark and losing something of who you are. If you are not focusing on living in joy and pleasure, solstice, and the season that follows can be long, dark and dreary, and can make you feel lethargic, lackluster.

Yet there is something magical and sparkly about Winter Solstice, something that makes it sexy. That going in and going deep, that dreaming and bringing forth, that yearning for the sun, that will and desire that percolates beneath the quietude of wintertime.

This Winter Solstice, is a particularly special one, as you may know. It is an ending and with that, it is also a beginning. It is not the world ending, it is a calendar of time, a visionary story coming to an end. As the Mayan calendar ends, time does not. Life does not. Life never ends. Everything is a circle.

What are you circling back to this Winter Solstice? What place inside of you will you touch in a new way with all you have learned since you last visited that place? Into what dream are you nurturing life? How will you fill your well during this sleepy time?

Solstice invites you into the dreamtime, into the place of beginning and drumming your vision into being. Your sexuality is the engine motoring your energy. Will you oil the squeaky parts? Will you tune up your engine with all that time inside out of the cold? Will you gift yourself time to be with you, allowing time to slow down and be sweet with yourself and the people you love?

That quiet place is pregnant with creation energy, sexual energy, spiritual essence. It is calling to your sweetest spots, to your tenderest you, to come home. Will you answer its call? Will you allow your wild self to guide you home to your lair for a sexy solstice? Will you bask in the sensuality of winter and lights and baths? Will you create juicy sexy time for yourself or make sexy time with your lovers? Will you connect to the you that you have ignored during the harvest season while you were doing and doing and doing?

Your deeply sensual, sexual, giving and receiving self is calling you home. May your solstice open doors for your next creation, for connection, for divinely loving all things, even your roughest edges. May your solstice allow you to open and excavate your wildness so you can plant spring seeds when the time, and your body, is ripe. Happy Winter Solstice!

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