in Relationships, Money & Business

a 6-session virtual confidence-building course
with A’magine


Determine your currency and strengths, the deep desires, the emotional tone, the style and the deep fear of your particular confidence type–and learn how to be more effective with the other four types so you can create the life, career and relationships you want. Watch the video:

This 6-module audio course is designed for people who want to be more confident in relationships and dating and who want that confidence to radiate outwards into other areas of their lives: creative, social and professional.

Real sexual confidence isn’t about trying to meet some ideal; it’s about owning your own distinctive style and maximizing your strengths to take the lead in your close relationships and professional life.

Ultimate Confidence Course

Through the Ultimate Confidence in Relationships, Money & Business class, you will:

Own your unique Confidence Type and understand its strengths, currency and vulnerabilities
Learn to communicate more effectively and directly in relationships so you can get more of what you want
Understand the patterns of self-sabotage that have undercut your confidence and what steps you can take to change them
Negotiate more powerfully for the money and support you want–and get it!
Build Your Confidence Course

In this audio course, you will get access to:

  • 6 rich teaching modules from me (audio + powerpoint)
  • Confidence Types Chart complete with total overview of each type, their pain points and strengths
  • Handouts and transcripts from each class
  • Descriptions of the 5 Confidence Types and how to work with them so you can understand your own Type and that of others
  • Worksheets, home-fun assignments, rituals & confidence-building exercises to help you develop the confidence skills you want more of.
  • Specific strategies for exactly HOW to develop and expand your confidence for each type.
  • Special Bonus: Get my 15-Day Confidence Challenge and put it all into action right away

Four Steps to Developing Your Confidence

1. Take the Confidence Types Quiz to identify your personal type.

2. Learn about the currency and strengths, the deep wants, the emotional tone, the style and the deep fear of your type–and the other four types.

3. Clarify what qualities you already possess and which ones you need to boost to be more effective in business, in dating, in relationships and with money.

4. Develop your capacity to work with each type so that you can move in different situations with power and magnetism and create the outcomes and experiences you want.

Build Your Confidence Course

This is not another course you will just put on the shelf and never really use. This is a practical, specific system for understanding how confidence works in different people and situations and to get clear on how to leverage your own confidence currency so that you can create the career, income, relationships and happiness you want.

This work is based on years of researching how confidence operates and the fact that confidence is NOT one-size-fits-all. YOU have your own unique confidence blueprint and when you activate your own confidence currency, you change the game in EVERYTHING you do.

Practitioners of this course say they listen to the modules over and over because there is so much useful information in each. You will walk away with an entirely new language and approach to confidence that you can then use in all of your endeavors to be more effective, more magnetic and to create the things you really want with integrity and power.

This course is for people of all genders.