Why Elvis was a sexual pioneer

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Sexual Politics & Culture

After wanting to go for years, I was blessed to finally visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s beloved home. It was on my way cross-country for my 42nd birthday this month. At The King’s home, I immersed myself in the epic story of Elvis and how he lived for a sweet day in Memphis.

What Elvis accomplished

I always knew Elvis made huge contributions to music and film. He accomplished a lot in his short life. Some of us are meant to be bright stars that burn out…he was one of those stars. He died at 42—my age now, and I was so struck by how much he did in his short life. He said, “Every dream I ever had came true.” What an amazing thing to feel about your life. We could all hope to feel that way.

While I was at Graceland, I got to see the sexy environments he created and how he designed a living space that felt sensually yummy and nourishing, using color, texture, patterns and design. I really loved the Jungle Room full of animal print furniture with carved claw arms and legs and green shag rugs where he, apparently, recorded a bit of his music. And the 15-foot white leather sofa in his front room where he kept his baby grand piano was a place where I’m sure some magic happened. He absolutely loved his Graceland and one can tell by the love with which it was designed.

Although he grew up in poverty in Mississippi, Elvis said he never believed there was anything he couldn’t do. Somehow there was a bold spirit inside of him that knew he was here to do big things, that he had gifts to offer the world. Elvis did several things no one had ever done before. He opened doors for many musicians as he honored his gospel roots and his love of the blues, and helped to birth rock and roll—some of the sexiest music ever made.

Elvis as a sexual pioneer

Most distinctly, he was in full expression of his sexuality and that sexual expression and unique confidence appealed to people because it was daring, bold, honest and hot! Elvis was so in his body! His second chakra was a finely tuned instrument! Yep, the man played guitar, piano and hips!

The lips. The hair. The pelvic thrusts. Women were wild for him. Men were impressed. He was powerful because his sexual confidence allowed him to show the world who he was without feeling like he had to hold back his sexuality because it would be “too powerful”. Or because he feared people couldn’t handle it. He put it out there and he made absolutely no apology for it. He used his sexiness and reveled in his costumes that accentuated his pelvis and let people watch his body move. Elvis flirted with his audiences and enraptured them in his game of seduction. And he also showed people a vulnerability and tenderness that brought out the romantic in him in songs like “Love Me Tender”. No other performer has ever done it the way Elvis did.

How Elvis changed everything

In the context of sexuality, Elvis opened doors for us all. He put sexuality in the public domain in a way that no one had before. He did it “My Way.” Stood in all of his sexual power and glory and enjoyed being all that he was. What a legacy and what a sexual mentor he was for all of us.

You don’t have to do it like Elvis, but you gotta do it like YOU. He inspires us all to do that. Use what you got, revel in your enjoyment of your life, your body, your ability to love, and of the world to express yourself passionately. To express all of who you are. Thanks for being you, Elvis. You inspire me to be me.

Checkout those hip swings in “Fever” in this fabulous footage of Elvis in Concert.

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