Why They Keep Trying to Keep Sexuality Down

by | Jan 14, 2023 | Sexual Politics & Culture

We have been disconnected from sexuality for millennia as it became the greatest weapon by which to control people.

Napoleon Hill dedicated an entire chapter in his popular book, Think and Grow Rich, to sexual energy, or what he calls, sexual transmutation. He was acknowledging the power of sexuality to create the wealth and abundance successful people want. 

The history of sexual oppression

Sometime after the dawn of humanity, the powers that be realized the strength, power and passion of sexuality to uplift, empower and create. They knew they needed to work to keep it down. Otherwise, the people would rise up in their full power, and then what would happen?! 

Many men in positions of power realized that the best ways to control the people were through control and the abuse of sexuality and sexualized bodies. 

Rape has been used in war to diminish and harm the enemy. Or the enemy’s wives and children over and over. Currently, the Russian state is systematically raping Ukrainian women. Often in front of their husbands or children as a weapon of war. 

Sexuality has been used to villainize Madames and sex workers, who dare to profit from their own sexual bodies. That witch hunt continues today in the ways that sex work is still criminalized and sex workers demonized. It is a story we are all too familiar with, even with troves of evidence that societies which legalize sex work are healthier and there is far less sexual assault in those cultures.

Witches were burned at the stake for daring to create healing tinctures, potions and magic, maybe even sex magik. Their power was so feared that the only way power-hungry men knew to keep them down was to publicly murder them. How dare they be so independent.

Men wanted to benefit from the lush sexuality of women who were so empowered and yet still be in control of it. This oxymoron doesn’t work.

How sexuality is being policed today

Today we only need to look at how the LGBTQ+ community destabilizes people to see how very feared independent, liberated sexuality is. Over 300 anti LGBTQ laws were proposed just last year in the U.S. fuelling the fire and vitriol of bigots. So many are confused, disgusted and judgmental of young people, queers, enbys and trans folk who confidently decide how they will experience and express their sexuality, and try to legislate us out of existence. 

It won’t work.

Choosing their own pronouns? How dare they!

Not being heterosexual? How dare they!

Thinking they deserve the same rights when they choose not to heterosexually marry?! 

How DARE they!

It is no coincidence that this anti-LGBTQ legislation runs parallel to the harshest penalties for abortion in over 50 years. Controlling us through keeping us busy childbearing is a great way for politicians to power-grab when we are busy with the children. Because they sure don’t show up for that part, even though they like the sex that precedes it.

Our sexual freedom and pleasure threaten the status quo over and over again. So conservative bigots will pass laws to regulate our bodies and childbearing. They will denigrate our multiplicitous gender. Attempt to legislate our identities into silence, harm and kill us, rape us and tell us how our sexuality shall be. With cis men at the center with their hard hungry penises. 

The road to sexual liberation

Yet we rise and claim our true selves and the largess of our pleasure and joy in our sexual bodies over and over again. 

We celebrate the beauty and diversity of our queer, kinky, poly, non-cis selves and bodies and they cannot take it away from us. 

Find ways to control our own reproductive destinies and maintain the pleasures of our sexuality as we wish.

We will continue to fight and hold it dear. To party in pleasure until that day they surrender their sex-negative, vicious need to control a force that cannot be contained or controlled. Until they lay bare their own desires in the name of true freedom and liberation. 

And it is then we will ALL be free. 

But until that day, keep riding the play, power, pleasure and fun of your sexuality in all its glory. Unapologetically saying ‘yes’ to all your deepest desires. Riding on the road to freedom on the horse of your horny, sexy self, clear that knowing yourself through the power of your own sexuality is the way home.

A’magine is a pioneer in sexual empowerment and her extensive real-world experience sparkles throughout this book. This is a delightful journey toward better, richer, more fulfilling sex, for women who want more joyful, creative, pleasurable lives.


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