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If you have a website you track, like I do, you know that you can look at the search terms by which people find you online. For years, “amy jo goddard husband” has been one of our recurring popular search terms and I find this pretty hilarious. Perhaps there is another Amy Jo Goddard in the world. Perhaps people want to know if I’m married. Perhaps people can’t figure out my sexuality, so that’s how they try to solve this great mystery. I don’t exactly hide who I am and it’s laughable that the assumption that apparently many people make, is that I have a husband. This popular theory is so common it shows up regularly on my recurring search terms. 🤣🤣🤣

It’s not my favorite way people find me and I guess it’s natural to be curious about people you follow and their private lives. It really makes me laugh, so when it showed up again with significant search numbers, I thought I’d share it with you. Why do you think it shows up so much? Have you had any similar experiences? 

Ah well, I will share that I’ve never had a husband, nor have I ever wanted one. For multiple reasons, but in a world so focused on marriage as the legitimator of relationships, it is many people’s go-to. I long for a world where we never call a woman by her partner’s name again, no assistant calls me Mrs. on the phone, and there are no special benefits for married people not conferred to non-married people. We all get to do it in whatever way makes us happy and we should not have benefits over others because we choose to marry. 

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