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Here’s the equation: BE + DO = HAVE

I will not lay down. I will not be resigned that “it’s just gonna be like it always is. Nothing will change.”  Someone actually posted a comment to that effect this week on a post about the phone banking I have been doing.  How do you think the world...

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Rebirthing Yourself Out of Loss

Many people are feeling lost right now. Sexually, most people are either in shut down or overdrive and little in between. Feeling a little smothered in small spaces with others, or feeling lonely and disconnected.   The truth is that we are...

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Your Human Taproot

I am blessed and blissed out from Fire Woman Retreat last weekend. I can believe what we accomplished in our four days of magic and I am still absolutely mesmerized and delighted by what I learned. I learned that so much more is possible. I learned that when the right...

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The 5-Phase Sex and Money Process

Last week, I hosted my long-running masterclass, “10 Ways of the Sex-Money Connection”. Because I’ve noticed people are hurting deeply around these two aspects right now. As I told the participants last week, “The way you do sex is probably the way you...

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What If You Were That Powerful?

I have been a coach for a transformational leadership program these last two weeks and the immediacy of how the lessons come is something I have experienced rarely in life.   The truth is that most people have NO IDEA how powerful they...

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The Sneaky Beast of Unworthiness

I have not felt a conscious lack of self-worth much in my life, as I have always had a healthy amount of self-confidence, know-how, go-get-‘em energy, ability, and a long list of accomplishments.   Yet there is more—more that I want and...

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The Plight of the Sexually Inexperienced Adult

There is a common sexual experience that few people talk about and yet is more pervasive than most people realize.

Many adults are sexually inexperienced and this causes a slew of issues as they get further into adulthood, deeper into relationships, and well past the age when they “think” they should know.

How do we define “sexually inexperienced”?

First, we have to ask what it means to be sexually inexperienced.

Does it mean you’ve never had orgasms? You’ve only had a certain amount of sexual partners? How many? Certain types of partners? Haven’t explored sex with people of multiple genders? That you have only had certain types of sex? That you never had the sex education you know you need?

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The Grief Beneath Liberation

The Grief Beneath Liberation

The Surprising Grief at the Start of Sexual Healing There is a surprising grief and loss that often come up when people make the move to step into their full sexual power. When you start making your sexuality a priority, after decades of pushing it under the rug, off...

When Your Sexual Energy is Blocked

When Your Sexual Energy is Blocked

German-born physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich “was best known for his claims of a cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm,” (CBS News). Because the U.S. was not ready for such a progressive, sex-positive idea, stemming from the power of orgasmic energy, his...

The Vulnerability of Healing

The day before my surgery, I got a Facebook note from Jr. High/High School friend, saying “It sounds like you are preparing for the worst. You are going to be okay!” My Sexy Nurses! This put a smile on my face! I was confused by this because I believed that I was...

The Illusion of Independence

As I wrote last week, my healing process has been really beautiful, made so by my own commitment to it, my planning and my community. But that did not come without effort and a major shift in perspective. I am someone who had to grow up very quickly and was always...

Why “Good Guys Finish Last”

As a sex coach, I’ve been talking to A LOT of amazing, available heterosexual women about what they want in a man over the last several years, and I think it’s high time I talk to you guys about it. I co-wrote Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men nearly 15 years ago to help...

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