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by | Jan 26, 2022 | Sexual Empowerment

I am blessed and blissed out from Fire Woman Retreat last weekend. I can believe what we accomplished in our four days of magic and I am still absolutely mesmerized and delighted by what I learned.

I learned that so much more is possible.

I learned that when the right group of committed, present, powerful leaders come together to create something, anything can happen and worlds can shift, beauty can emerge and surprises pop up you may not have seen coming.

I learned that people really want the community and are less attached to HOW it happens and more invested that it DOES happen.

Sure, I heard some people say, “Oh I don’t want to do an online thing.” And I get it, it’s different.

AND, what we got to discover this weekend with our 100+ participants was that if you come together with a powerful intention about what you get to create, and if you draw a brave context where people can really do what they came to do, if you lead them well and make space for the parts of themselves they want to heal and connect with, they will forget how you are doing it because they will be IN it.

My goal was that by the end of the weekend we would basically forget that we were virtual and that is what happened.

We healed so deep, played so hard, laughed so big, learned so much, danced so joyously, connected so passionately that the mechanism of zoom didn’t matter.

What mattered was being with each other.

What mattered was showing up and getting messy.

What mattered was joy and beauty.

What mattered was commitment to the process.

What mattered was our presence and our love.

One of the teachers, Vanessa Tricoche sent a message to the team the next morning acknowledging that we created something we will ALL remember for the rest of our lives. It was the highlight of many people’s quarantines.

It will live as a bright memory in a dark time. As a connected moment in a lonely place.

She said:

“I am eternally grateful to each of you for your stand, for your work, for your medicine, for your pain and grief too. Ohh the stories they will tell…from our COVID Quarantine time…that for 4 days we went to temple ceremonies and we did ritual, they reclaimed their timelines, they came back home to ourselves…to crack open, break open, dance open, breathe open, touch our yoni open, channel self open, in their time and space. They took back their power.”

It is never easy to put into words all we do in this work. Those who come are initiated into a powerful journey of sexual becoming, of being in our fullest, most powerful and truest selves.

As we own our sexual power, we own our full personal power.

You cannot be in your full personal power without your sexuality, try as many might. It’s far too integral to who you are.

It’s not about anyone else. It’s about you.

It’s not even about sex. It is. But it isn’t. It’s bigger than that.

Sexuality is your whole person and embracing and loving this potent part of you is to claim that which is the core of your power, the taproot of your human physical form.

As you regenerate this part and all aspects of yourself which have been depleted, tired, achey, in pain, you give yourself the power to rise in all that you are in your life. If we all do that, we will be running the world and making it better in no time.

As long as women subjugate our needs, stay silent, refrain from claiming that which is our birthright, the status quo will remain.

As we rise up in our voices, in our power, in our desires, in our orgasms, in our communities, everything shifts.

The collective orgasmic power of women is a force that has been so suppressed that we are straining to remember what it feels like.

Yet there was a time when we KNEW.

This world is just as much ours as anyone’s. We are here. We are claiming and reclaiming, we are taking the agency back that was always ours, to love and lead, heal and cry, laugh and play, and to create a world that leaves not one of us behind.

This is the new paradigm we are moving into. I have no doubt the power we generated at Fire Woman. We have set into motion something potent and irrevocable.

Claim your fire. Whether or not you were at Fire Woman.

And men, I’m going to be unveiling something for you very soon. Stay tuned.

We all get to hold the new paradigm together. And we get to listen to women, people of color, queer folks and others who are marginalized…because that is the only way a new paradigm will really happen.

Thank you to all who showed up for the opening ceremony and for the whole event! Those of you who wanted to be with us but for some reason could not, let’s make a way soon to dive deep and resource ourselves together.

Ready to go deeper? Let’s talk. My 2020 programs are open and I can’t imagine a better time to dive into this work. It is the lifeblood of all things more than ever.

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