When Your Sexual Energy is Blocked

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German-born physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich “was best known for his claims of a cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm,” (CBS News). Because the U.S. was not ready for such a progressive, sex-positive idea, stemming from the power of orgasmic energy, his work and equipment were burned and destroyed by the U.S. government and he died of a heart attack in a U.S. Federal Prison. 

That tells us how important sexual energy is. For governments to suppress it so vehemently and violently lets us know it is incredibly powerful

What is Sexual Energy?

We all have a well inside of us, a deep gorge filled with energy. This is our life force, our creative juice, our core sexual energy. 

We all came from sexual energy, the creative life force that makes all things. No matter how your conception happened, you came from that matter and spirit. 

There is no way that your sexuality is not at the core of your being. You came from there. 

But then, many of us are born into a world, a culture, a family, or a community that is not at home with sexuality. We come into a world that judges and devalues sexuality, that is uncomfortable with it, or flat out represses it. That can be a very difficult thing to be at peace with, when it is at the core of who we truly are. 

So for many people, that sexual/creative energy can get buried, smothered, depleted, and become seemingly inaccessible. 

For others, it is alive, vibrant, flowing, and rich. 

For all of us, to be in our full power and creative juice and to live our lives freely as whole humans, we need to be in right relationship with this critical part of ourselves.

Your Vibrant Life Force

No matter the state of your sexual well, you’ve got one.

If you feel depleted and disconnected from your sexual energy. Or even your core vibrant life force (which is the same thing) then your well might need some maintenance. 

When you are depleted that can manifest as depression, lifelessness, just going through the motions, low energy, not feeling lit up or inspired, or even hopelessness. It feels like not knowing our own aliveness, creative blockages, sexual stuckness, inability to orgasm or feel pleasure, sexual desires that could harm self or others, or general disinterest in life.

Your sexuality = your creative life force

Every human being was put on earth to create something. Only you know what your true calling for creation is.  

Some of us are here to invent, to make art, to create communities, or even large social movements. Some are here to make film, music, policy, food, or families. Maybe you are here to make people smile and help them love each other a little bit more.

But make no mistake: we are all creative by nature. You have a desire in you to create something…your tools might vary from those of others, but the desire comes from the same force: Life. 

Life is meant to reproduce and create more of itself. That’s why our sexuality is so linked to our core life force. Without this magnificent sexual energy, how would we create the things we are meant to create?

Your sexuality can create a new life with one single cell you share with someone else. Magic! 

But that’s only one way you use your sexuality to create. You need that core energetic force to locomote in your life, thrive in your relationships, and express the full desire and life purpose within you.

When Sexual Energy Gets Blocked

So many people desire to work on their sexual selves because they feel their sexual energy is dull, dimmed, or has all but blown out! As fellow sex educator, Pamela Madsen says, “all you need is an ember.”

There are a lot of reasons why that core energy gets dull, and there are equal amounts of ways to blow on your ember and spark its flame. 

What not to do

When feeling depleted energetically, binging on snacks and lying around watching online episodes of your favorite shows is not the way to build it. 

People often do the thing that will keep them from what they want, rather than get closer to it. We each have a saboteur that can prevent us from growing or healing or having our desires met. 

Watch that part of yourself to see how it gets crafty in keeping you from the things you want by checking out, numbing out or avoiding the thing that really does need your attention.

How do you reconnect to your blocked sexual energy?

Physicality is a great way to move stagnant energy. Exercise, movement, stretching, breathing, and bringing physical sensation to your sexual chakra are great ways to begin. 

You can bring attention to your sexual well/second chakra/center either through massage, by providing sensation or stimulation, by having orgasms, or through specific exercises that will open up your hips and, deepen your well, so to speak.

Perhaps you have a spiritual practice you do regularly or daily like yoga, prayer, meditation or something else that connects you to your spirituality/deity. Consider creating a practice that opens you to your sexual energy. Remember, energy creates energy. 

If you work on building your physical energy, it will impact your emotional energy, your desire energy, your intellectual energy, and your spiritual connectedness. The more you bring attention to something, the more you can develop it. Sex energy is like that. 

Keep ignoring it and that spark will turn to embers and nearly burn out, but it’s there. A little attention will go a long way in shifting your low energy.

How long has it been since you gave yourself an orgasm? When was the last time you consciously stirred up your own sexual desire and pleasure energy? 

When people step into focusing on their sexual selves, all sorts of things open up.

As a sexuality educator, I’ve witnessed people create everything from new relationships, better orgasms and pleasure, more money, greater satisfaction in careers, or new creative work/art out of conscious attention to their sexuality and building their sexual energy.

I encourage you to do something meaningful to bring attention and needed shifts to your core sexual energy. It will impact every other part of your life. I’ve watched it happen thousands of times.

Let’s unblock that sexual energy.

A’magine is a pioneer in sexual empowerment and her extensive real-world experience sparkles throughout this book. This is a delightful journey toward better, richer, more fulfilling sex, for women who want more joyful, creative, pleasurable lives.


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